Are you worried about untrusted tools you checked out before visiting To have peace of mind, we strongly recommend reading following Q&A, where you will find all the answers regarding services we today offer!

How long have you been programming before creating this tool?

You probably know other tools created by our group. We are the creators responsible for many other mobile games, including the most popular ones as well as those niche ones. We’ve been programming and releasing a variety of personal tools or modifications for at least three years now. More information about our services can be found in “About Us” subpage.

Can anyone notice the change after using your tools?

There is no visual change when it comes to generating additional orbs to your account. It means that no one will ever know you cheated by adding extra orbs to your game!

Will these orbs disappear after turning off your tool?

No, they won’t. Our tool provides you with permanent boost of orbs. You can launch our online application, type in account name and choose your platform, and after a while you will receive all the values you chose! Once you turn off the tool, they will be still available at your account.